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  • 👋 A passion: communication
  • ✏️ A tool: your website
  • 🦄 The essential: your brand

I help vision driven organizations to build a consistent brand strategy, brand experience and brand identity 💅

I do that by delivering focused, clear and value-oriented solutions that create excitement and drive impact 🤩

Together, we will sharpen your brand strategy 💪

Enhance your brand identity by polishing your brand guidelines 💎

In closing, we'll follow them with your website's rebirth 🔥

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My projects
  • Trustfolio background image
  • Irys

    Vision + Photographers = ✨

    Irys Photographie wanted a total rebranding for the launch of their new solution.

    (Student project)

    See Irys
  • Blinkl

    Storytelling + AR = 🌟

    Blinkl creates enhanced interactive experiences using AR directly on the web.

    See Blinkl
  • Trustfolio

    Word of mouth + B2B = ❤️

    Trustfolio entrusted us with its complete rebrand. The scope: new brand guidelines, new website 💅

    From Pikatchu to Raichu: the true story ⚡

    More about Trustfolio


  • "One hell of a man."

    - New York Times

  • "Remarkable gentleman."

    - Washington Post

  • "I wish I could be more like him."

    - The Most Interesting Man In The World

  • "You would be crazy not to swipe right."

    - GRAZIA

  • "He's my wallpaper."

    - Maman

  • "My hero."

    - Iron man

  • "Thrillingly unrestrained yet solidly crafted."

    - The Guardian

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